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"She may write and play beautifully about such eclectic topics as fishing, bar hopping, and yellow pantsuits. She may dream of fiddle heaven, fighting with grapefruits, and putting tinsel on the tree. Carroll’s fiddle transcends our verbal descriptions of ordinary visions and daily delusions into something more magical by asking us to notice the beauty of it all through her music."
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Steve Horowitz, PopMatters

"... here she is truly front and center, and her power, control, plus her sheer ability to wring seemingly every possible tone and emotion from her instrument, are at full deployment... for Carroll, there are no boundaries..."
- read the full review here (on page 12)
Sean Smith, Boston Irish Reporter

"... a disc of superlative music that features some wonderful original tunes, a bunch of incredible co-conspirators and some top class fiddle playing from one of the best."
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Daniel Neely, Irish Echo

Female Musician of the Year, Irish American News: Liz Carroll
The Livies, Female Instrumental Album of the Year, On the Offbeat
"You know Liz Carroll has to win this. Our Chicago musical heroine has produced another stunner, this time entitled On the Offbeat. When any musician has been as excellent as long as Liz Carroll has, you can only wonder how much longer she can continue at this level. Apparently, the answer for this fiddle genius is forever."
Bill Margeson, Irish American News and 

"... it is certainly one of the best albums of the decade so far."
- read the full review here
Eileen McCabe, Irish Music Magazine

"Talented and dedicated musicians find their own ways of putting their stamp on the musical traditions they inherit, and Carroll does so in both her playing and her composing... I hear the melodies loud and clear and love what they say..."
- read the full review here
Paul O'Connor, Trad Review

"... the tunes sparkle with life, winding and wending around the most unexpected and surprising corners. This is the kind of album only a true master can make..."
- read the full review here
Devon Leger, The Bluegrass Situation

★★★★★ "... [a] magnificent collection of original, self-composed tunes. ... a wide arc of a celebration of quirky, non-conformist rhythms, which revel as much in the powder-keg unpredictability of the Balkans as they do in the buoyant agility of the Sligo style."
- read the full review here
Siobhan Long, The Irish Times

"Great compositions, top grade musicianship, and a nicely designed sleeve to boot: why wouldn't you want one? "
- read the full review here
Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld

"... this is an archetypal Irish musician visiting other musical realms without losing one iota of her rootedness and unique musical voice. It is a joy and gift."
- read the full review here
Kevin Carr, FolkWorks

this is timeless Carroll. Magical, multi-dimensional, inventive and at the peak of her creativity."
- read the full review here
Tony Lawless, TradConnect

And Liz's long-time musical pal, Jimmy Keane, chimes in, too! "I am still amazed and in awe of her musicality, technical ability, and her innate 'turn of a note' in tune composition. 'On the Offbeat' further enhances all three of the above 'inspirations' to me."
- read Jimmy's full blog post here
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Here are a couple of recent stories and interviews regarding Liz - enjoy!

Liz is a National Heritage Fellow, don't you know, and she's featured in a podcast (Type "Liz Carroll" into the Search Podcasts text box) that's available on the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) web site.  It's about a 40-minute discussion with host Josephine Reed in which Liz talk about what makes Irish music Irish - and she plays, too.

Lilli Kuzma, of WDCB radio in the Chicago area, wrote this article for the Chicago Sun-Times, "Mundelein fiddler Liz Carroll headlines all-Irish show."

And here's an article by Walter Tunis of the Lexington Herald-Leader, "Fiddler Liz Carroll doesn't hide her exhuberance for irish music."


Liz in art + words

Sometimes we receive poems, drawings and other art work that fans send Liz.  Liz is, of course, very humbled by these and we thought it'd be good to share some of what we receive.

And so, click here to read three poems written by fans of Liz.

Mimi Devens lives in California and hearing Liz's music reminds her of her Irish roots.

RoseAnn Pollum is a cousin on Liz's father's side, and she writes poetry constantly. Here are two examples that celebrate Liz playing the fiddle.  The first is at a family gathering many years ago, and the second is at a concert at Chicago's Cultural Center.

Thank you, RoseAnn and Mimi!

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