Liz Carroll and Jake Charron, Half Day Road

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The "Half Day Road" Reviews

Sean Smith of the Boston Irish Reporter mentions and praises most every track, and ends with the last tune, Liz's Trail Magic, wrapping up his "Half Day Road" review with a welcome connection: "Charron’s guitar pounds out the beat as Carroll churns through the melody, the B part spiraling to a crescendo and back again until, at the fade-out, she plays a variation as a repeating riff – it’s like some magnificent sunset at the end of an immensely satisfying day."

Songlines Magazine's Rob Adams writes of Liz and Jake, "They're a formidable team, opening with a set showcasing Carroll's sinewy momentum and lithe expressiveness accompanied by Charron's judicious guitar and piano. Carroll plays with an inherent joyfulness... [together] expertly reinvigorating Irish music."

Jim Byrne's review for The Living Tradition, concludes with "The opening track Heath And Bernie's / Half Day Road / Tune For Jim DeWan is an absolute belter with more energy than anyone should be able to deliver with a fiddle. There's not a bad track on this album - be it jigs, reels, old-timey style tunes or lovely slow airs, every one is worth another listen or ten! This is a gem of an album with many great tunes which will undoubtedly last the test of time and will propagate themselves throughout the tradition. If you're a fiddle fan, buy it – you won't regret it!"

Daniel Neely of The Irish Echo, March 18, 2019, “But the thing that’s most striking about this album is the sheer virtuosity of the musicianship. Carroll plays with rare drive and sensitivity and has a partner in Charron who is well able to match her energy. And there are some ear-popping moments that stand out above and beyond some already very impressive music. I think, for example, of the quick cuts and the freedom she seems to have as she moves up the fingerboard on “The Bird” and the fire she wields in “Save the Ham” as she swoops in and out of the groove. It’s just breathtaking.”

Steve Horowitz of PopMatters writes "What is astonishing is the fact that Carroll's songwriting and playing continue to improve. Her latest recording, Half Day Road, a collaboration with Canadian pianist/guitarist Jake Charron, shows her at the peak of her talents... Charron does a fine job of accompanying her and offering a counterpart to her work. The two North Americans take Irish traditional music into the future by enhancing its distinctive features and making it fresh and contemporary."

Maryann McTeague Keifer for Irish American News, March 2019 issue, calls it "a musical masterpiece that will find us listening to, being in awe of, and replaying for years to come... Half Day Road is special; it is a treasure."

FolkWorld's Thomas Keller highlights the Liz and Jake musical relationship writing "... she delivers the goods herself being a spirited performer on the four horsestrings... Jake Charron is the firm ground for Liz Carroll's frolics, where she displays her instrumental skills with both groove and sensibility."

Alex Monaghan for Irish Music Magazine, May 2019 issue, compliments both Liz and Jake Charron with many humbling compliments (Jake gets "bounce and brilliance," Liz "vitality and verve"), but he ends with "Half Day Road is essentially fiddle and guitar, both stunningly well played... This CD is definitely a candidate for my 2019 Top Ten."
- 12/28/2019 announcement, "Alex Monaghan's Traditional Top Ten 2019"

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Phillippe Cousin, writing for the French website, highlights the compositions: "These two North Americans with Irish origins offer us a superb album Half Day Road, superb both for the music it conveys and for the cover that is due to the talent of the artist Sean Scully... As a violinist and composer, Liz Carroll has always, through her creativity and talent, brought traditional Irish music into her time. It does not derogate from this rule by offering us eleven original compositions, the twelfth title being the work of Jake Charron... a delicate lullaby Last of the Leaves for his little girl born last autumn. Beautifully beautiful... [It's]A new success to the credit of a leading artist, recognized in both the United States and Ireland."

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