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Regarding Liz's recent concert appearance at the 2016 Orkney Folk Festival:
"Next up was that most unassuming of legends, Irish-American fiddler Liz Carroll... Nimbly accompanied by guitarist Sean Óg Graham, she enriched her material with such a wealth of ornamentation, harmonic colour, expressive nuance and rhythmic sensitivity as to sound like two or three fiddlers at work."
Sue Wilson, The Scotsman, May 30, 2016

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Here are a couple of recent stories and interviews regarding Liz - enjoy!
  • Liz is a National Heritage Fellow, don't you know, and she's featured in a podcast (Type "Liz Carroll" into the Search Podcasts text box) that's available on the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) web site.  It's about a 40-minute discussion with host Josephine Reed in which Liz talk about what makes Irish music Irish - and she plays, too.
  • Lilli Kuzma, of WDCB radio in the Chicago area, wrote this article for the Chicago Sun-Times, "Mundelein fiddler Liz Carroll headlines all-Irish show.
  • And here's an article by Walter Tunis of the Lexington Herald-Leader, "Fiddler Liz Carroll doesn't hide her exhuberance for Irish music."

photo by Suzanne Plunkett

Who's Liz?
Liz Carroll was born in Chicago of Irish parents. She's a junior and senior All-Ireland Fiddle Champion, and has toured as a solo artist and with the Greenfields of America, Trian, String Sisters, and as part of the duo Liz Carroll & John Doyle. She's featured on eleven albums and has appeared on many more. Liz is a recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship Award (1994). In 2010 she became the first Irish-American musician nominated for a Grammy. In 2011 she became the first American-born composer honored with the Cumadóir TG4, Ireland's most significant traditional music prize.

A March 9, 2015, Chicago Tribune interview is here - Liz talks about her life in Irish music.

Liz uses Obligato Violin Strings!

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Liz in art + words

Sometimes we receive poems, drawings and other art work that fans send Liz.  Liz is, of course, very humbled by these and we thought it'd be good to share some of what we receive.

And so, click here to read three poems written by fans of Liz.

Mimi Devens lives in California and hearing Liz's music reminds her of her Irish roots.

RoseAnn Pollum is a cousin on Liz's father's side, and she writes poetry constantly. Here are two examples that celebrate Liz playing the fiddle.  The first is at a family gathering many years ago, and the second is at a concert at Chicago's Cultural Center.

Thank you, RoseAnn and Mimi!

Where's Liz?

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